Lego House in Denmark to host sleepover party for one family


Instead, you have to enter the competition launched by Airbnb to find a creative Lego superfan. Submissions are open through November 16 and the victor and up to three guests will be flown to Denmark to commence their stay on November 24.

"I am so intrigued to see what people will imagine", said Berard, whose real-life title is Design Manager Specialist at the LEGO Group.

Even the smallest items in the house are made of Lego. "That's how I feel when I come here".

Guests will have the run of the entire space to themselves, surrounded by 25 million Lego pieces and snoozing in specially designed bedrooms featuring beds "floating" in pools of Legos underneath colorful "waterfalls".

There's more: A master Lego builder will impart top-secret tips and tricks, and robot waiters will serve meals, which guests must build out of legos first.

Not only is there a six-metre-tall Lego waterfall above the main bedroom, but there's a teddy bear, a TV, a tray with a pot of coffee and a newspaper, books and a pet cat - all made from the little plastic bricks.

You'll also visit the Experience Zones - where you can direct your own LEGO movie, engineer robotic cars, design cities, and more - and the basement, where you can trace the timeline of LEGO history and rediscover the most iconic sets ever produced.

The LEGO toy company opened its 130,000-square-foot LEGO house in Billund, Denmark, at the end of September. Luckily, they provide you with Lego proof slippers because no one wants to step on any Legos.

The house rules are also simple: Play is mandatory, but diving into the Lego pool is not advised.

State of the art home security: just throw some bricks on the floor before leaving!

The full experience will begin on 24 November and winners will be flown in from anywhere in the world. Describe your dream creation and complete your entry by Nov 16 at 11:59pm Pacific Time (November 17, 6:59am GMT) and you could win the prize of a night among an infinite supply of LEGO bricks-and create a version of your entry with a LEGO master builder!