National Football League owners to discuss Roger Goodell's contract extension Monday


The NFL commissioner supposedly wants that to be bumped up to $50 million, have private jet and health care access for he and his family for life.

ESPN cites that he makes a reported $30 million annually.

"That number for Roger just seems too much", an owner told ESPN's Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen.

"The only element of the ESPN report that is true is that there is a regularly scheduled Compensation Committee conference call on Monday", NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart said in a statement. "It's offensive. It's unseemly".

If Goodell gets the $50 million salary he would be making more than Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers combined, which is beyond the pale for some owners who believe the league commissioner shouldn't make any more money than the league's highest paid player.

The biggest proponent to seeing Goodell eventually ousted as commissioner would be Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

The committee will address Goodell's salary and compensation package. It's also mentioned in the report that Goodell's desired salary is more than some team owners make in a year, outside appreciation of their investment. "He's not going to resign; he's not going to take a pay cut".

National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell has apparently become accustomed to a certain kind of lifestyle in his position as the leader of the country's most-watched sport. Jerry already had only a handful of guys backing him on this (calling for Goodell's job), and he is isolating himself more and more by doing things this way. Indeed, no lawsuit had been filed by the close of business Friday, sources said. "He feels there are important issues he has to deal with".

Jones has even threatened legal action against his fellow owners if they go through with the plan to extend Goodell's pact.