3 missing Chinese students, believed to be victims of ransom scam, found


A third Chinese student has gone missing in Canada in what police believe is an extortion scam created to extract large sums of money from family members.

"Obviously (she is) traumatized by the whole thing but at no point was she harmed or her family", said Sidhu.

On Monday, two other missing students, 17-year-old Yue "Kandy" Liu and 16-year-old Ke "Jaden" Xu, were also found safe.

Police have said they believe the disappearances are linked to a scam in which students are told to go into hiding and stay off social media to avoid having their relatives overseas hurt.

The families in China are then informed the student has been kidnapped and told to pay a large ransom.

Zhang was last seen in the area of Yonge and Grenville Streets while Xu was last seen around Eglinton Avenue East and Midland Avenue, according to CBC News.

She was one of three global students that police said may have received threatening phone calls before vanishing.

Liu was one of two students found over the weekend.

Xu was last seen at 10:30 a.m. ET on November 9, around Eglinton Avenue East and Midland Avenue.

Allyson Douglas-Cook, a media officer with the Toronto Police Service, said Saturday evening that Juanwen Zhang, 20, had made contact with police and is "safe and sound".

Police say one of the victims became aware of the scam when she turned her phone on in the Montreal area.