Charlie Puth Opens Up About Dissing Justin Bieber


The Canadian star broke her heart on several occasions while embarrassing her by getting in trouble with the law too many times to remember.

Whether you're on Team Justin and Selena (aka Jelena) or Team Selena and the Weeknd (is there a portmanteau for that?), we can all agree that we just want Selena Gomez to be happy. Following their separation, Selena is out with The Weeknd.

Speaking about their relationship, the source said, "Justin is also allowing Selena to set the pace when it comes to their relationship, instead of strong-arming her as he's done previously".

"The Weeknd has spent the evening hand in hand with Yovanna Ventura", confirmed a source to Us Weekly.

The Starboy singer, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, was reportedly spotted with Justin Bieber's former flame, Yovanna Ventura, with the two holding hands as they arrived at hip-hop artist French Montana's birthday party that was held at a Beverly Hills mansion in Los Angeles on Thursday, 9 November. "Selena will never forget that it was Abel who was there for her, supporting her with love through some scary, challenging health issues". He spent a good two hours with it, and wherever they went, they were holding each other's hand.

The world has had their mixed feelings about Selena Gomez cosying up with her ex-flame Justin Bieber right after her split with The Weeknd, but she isn't the only one moving on quickly.

Proving it wasn't just a little bit of flirting at a party, The Weeknd and Yovanna were then seen in the back of a auto on Friday night leaving Hyde nightclub. He was parading her around. He was trying to make it obvious that he was with someone.

It seemed there was some bad blood between Bieber and The Weeknd as soon as the latter singer started dating Gomez.