Donald Trump asked China's president to help resolve UCLA basketball player arrests


Let's go ahead and give LiAngelo Ball, and his teammates Jalen Hill and Cody Riley, Donkey of the Day for the rest of the month.

Trump arrived in China on a diplomatic visit one day after the UCLA players were arrested. Turns out, he was working behind the scenes to aid them.

President Trump personally asked Chinese President Xi Jinping, to help three UCLA men's hoopsters - including the younger brother of Los Angeles Lakers' guard Lonzo Ball, who were busted for shoplifting while in Hangzhou for a tournament last week, The Washington Post reported Monday.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed in an email that Trump raised the matter with Xi.

Ball, Riley and Hill are now confided to their Hangzhou hotel and reportedly may have to wait up to two weeks until they are able to return home.

According the Post report, Trump brought the issue to Xi, who promised that he would look into the matter. They did not fly home with the team, and ESPN has reported that authorities have surveillance footage and that the players could be required to remain in Hangzhou for a week or two.

A US official speaking to Nakamura on the condition of anonymity said that the case is proceeding towards a resolution with reduced charges in the matter.

U.S. officials said the State Department normally takes over cases of American citizens when they are arrested overseas and that the U.S. Embassy in Beijing knows the case is ongoing.