John Fox challenge considered one of the worst in National Football League history


If this winds up costing the Bears this game, this challenge will live in infamy.

Another frustrating National Football League rule is starting to assert itself. But a replay review initiated by Bears coach John Fox, who thought Cunningham scored, gave the ball to the Packers. Chicago quarterback Mitchell Trubisky tossed a short screen pass to running back Benny Cunningham, who then weaved his way through traffic before diving toward the end zone. Had Fox not challenged the play, Chicago would have had first-and-goal at the 2.

Upon review, the officials determined that Cunningham had lost control of the ball before it hit the pylon, resulting in a touchback; Packers ball on their 20-yard line. And even though it wasn't part of the original challenge, Riveron reversed the ruling.

Initially, Cunningham was ruled down just before the goal line.

So Fox clearly made a mistake by challenging the ruling on the field, but the officiating office may have made a mistake by reversing the ruling on the field. Or something like that.