Man shot dead by cow vigilantes in Alwar


The attack came barely seven months after Pehlu Khan, a dairy farmer in the same district, was allegedly lynched by a mob for transporting cows.Late on Sunday, police detained a person with alleged links to cow vigilante groups and also said to be involved in looting vehicles.The attack took place a day before CM Vasundhara Raje's visit to Mewat. But he refused to use the so-called term cow vigilantes, who have over the past year become synonymous with a string of attacks on cattle traders across India. A minor boy, who the police say is an accused, has been taken into custody, and he has allegedly named five other attackers.

The body of Umar Khan, a dairy farmer, was found on a railway track on Friday evening. "They later asked somebody else to dump Umar's body on the railway track", said Prakash. He had 3 cows of his own. Ummar Khan's relatives filed a complaint against the assailants and alleged that Khan was shot dead by gau rakshkas.

The incident of cow vigilantism is on its verge in several states across the country. They have also demanded for the Home Ministry to provide protection of Meos in Alwar and Bharatpur district, read the letter.

There has been another, less noted dimension to the violence: The theft from Muslims and redistribution to Hindus of cows that provide crucial income in the Indian countryside. These mobs also reportedly extort money from cattle transporters. Javed successed to flee, and after reaching to his village, informed villagers that bullets were fired on them and he had no idea what happened to others.

Mentioning that the police was investigating the matter and trying to arrest the culprits in the case, Rajasthan Home Minister Gulab Chand Kataria said, "We don't have enough manpower to control every situation in all cities in time".

Umar Mohammed's pickup had three passengers, including him. One of them, 42-year-old Tahir Khan, is in hospital. It wasn't clear how he was wounded. "Since we could not identify the deceased, his body was kept at the mortuary of the Rajiv Gandhi Hospital". Speaking on the incident, Kataria said that five cows were found on the vehicle of which one was dead.

"The deceased and two others were transporting cows inside a pickup truck".