Penn State Frat Death


Parks-Miller announced the refiling of criminal charges, including involuntary manslaughter and felony aggravated assault, after District Justice Allen Sinclair threw out the felony charges in September against eight Beta Theta Pi fraternity members, her office said in a press release. He died after falling in the house and fracturing his skull.

The new defendants face charges that include involuntary manslaughter, assault, hazing and furnishing alcohol to minors, all related to additional alcohol hazing that prosecutors say was caught on cameras in the basement of the fraternity house in the Pennsylvania town of State College.

After drinking excessively that night, Piazza fell down a flight of stairs, but no one called for help for nearly 12 hours, police said.

After surveillance footage from the basement of Beta Theta Pi was recovered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, 12 more brothers were charged in addition to five prior defendants this morning.

Nine members already charged in the case face no new charges.

Reports from after Piazza's death showed other instances of fraternity members attempting to cover up the situation.

"It's time to man up, fellas, and be held accountable for your actions", Piazza's father, James, told reporters during the news conference, as his voice cracked with emotion.

"[Tim] was a happy and caring human being and loving son who just wanted to join an organization to find friendships and camaraderie", he said.

He says the new video shows that several people knew exactly what happened. "Instead, he was killed".

A Niskayuna man and Penn State college student is facing a new evidence-tampering charge in connection with a fraternity pledge's death at the college.

Security cameras showed Piazza spent an excruciating night in the fraternity as members made half-hearted and even counterproductive efforts to help him, including putting a backpack on Piazza to prevent him from rolling over and choking on his own vomit.

Footage retrieved from the frat's extensive system of security cameras captured numerous events that day.

The video was reportedly erased after the fraternity brothers found out that an investigation into Piazza's death was underway and police planned to obtain the footage.