Surveillance video shows scare at Orlando International Airport


Orlando International Airport (shown here in a September 17 promotional video) was a chaotic scene Friday, Nov. 10, 2017, when a lithium battery exploded in a camera bag.

Travellers were evacuated from the main terminal building in Orlando International Airport after a camera battery overheated and exploded inside a bag near a Transport Security Administration checkpoint. He says a complete review of airport response will take place on Monday.

According to the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority 27 flights were diverted and 24 flights were cancelled. Because of uncertainty about the noise, Orlando police tweeted that no shots were fired and there wasn't any danger to the public.

Orlando police announced on Twitter that no shots were fired and no one was injured Friday evening after travelers heard a loud sound and fled the airport. Those individuals who were asked to exit the terminal are now having to pass through security checkpoints, which in turn is causing some delays among departing flights. "Now they're bringing people out of their gates, off-loading them to be screened again".

Flights were grounded and the airport was evacuated. The security checkpoints remained closed while authorities investigated the incident, and they reopened by 8:45 p.m.

The passenger was surprised when he saw smoke from a lithium battery that had overheated and exploded coming out of his bag.

Lithium batteries have been known to explode before, and as of June, it was reported that there had been at least 17 lithium-ion related incidents on planes this year.