4th person shot dead in Tampa neighborhood


Police in Tampa, Florida, were investigating whether a fatal shooting on Tuesday could be linked to a possible serial killer who is feared to have murdered three victims in a string of night attacks terrorizing a city neighborhood.

Tampa police say they immediately set up a perimeter on Tuesday morning around the Seminole Heights district after finding the body of 60-year-old Ronald Felton.

They say Felton was crossing the street to meet someone when a gunman came up behind him and shot him.

"I believe this person lives in this neighborhood and we need everyone's cooperation", said Dugan.

Information on the suspect was limited: a think black male, dressed in all black and wearing a black baseball cap.

Police are asking residents nearby to stay indoors as there is still a massive police presence on the scene.

This comes just weeks after three people were shot and killed over a 10-day span in Seminole Heights.

Three people were shot to death in Seminole Heights last month, two of them while waiting at bus stops. "If it's not, we need you to call us". The body was found in the street near N. Nebraska Avenue and E. McBerry Street.

The man is dead and police are calling the incident suspicious. The three victims, who were killed between October 9-19, didn't know each other.

Tampa police have warned people in the area to stay inside their homes.