Ben Affleck is 'Contemplating' Batman Solo Movie Role


This has been pretty much a thing since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice failed to live up to expectations. We got another hint at their budding relationship in Wonder Woman as well, which was bookended by Bruce sending Diana the lost picture of her first love, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), during her stint fighting in World War I. But can Ben Affleck beat out the best Chris? Fans of the strong females from Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman noticed that when those same fierce fighters returned in Zac Snyder's new Justice League, they had skimpier outfits. More on the story below.

Snyper's doubt about the certainty of the second film's release is likely caused by the fact that a great deal of the DC films' futures depends on how well Justice League does. He also reveals that despite having only seriously played the Dark Knight in two movies, he is already considering when it's time to make a graceful exit. That being said, contradicting answers only supported the notion that Affleck wanted out. With a cosmic and world-ending threat to face, and Superman now deceased, it is best to go all-in on Steppenwolf instead of having multiple villains, or spending half the movie planting seeds for future foes. I guess the third time is the charm. "So for me, it was actually really cool to be able to show it and not immediately feel masculine, but still very feminine".

Affleck was initially in line to direct The Batman, before deciding to step down in order to focus on his performance. One of the unconfirmed reasons was that the script was poorly written. Now, with Affleck back in the hot seat with a press tour for this week's release of Justice League, the actor is shedding a bit more light on his future playing the role, starting with The Batman. "It felt a little more glamorous, if anything, because we had bigger, handsome hair, which I loved".

OK, it's not the holidays quite yet, but with Justice League hitting theaters November 16, 2017, it sure feels like waiting for holiday presents.