Disturbing Tom Sizemore Allegation, Involving 11-Year-Old Co-Star, Surfaces


Another week, another ugly allegation of sexual assault against a Hollywood star, this time tough-guy actor Tom Sizemore who is accused of sexually molesting an 11-year-old actress on a movie set in 2003.

"They did talk to the police but didn't press charges".

The Hollywood Reporter was first with the news in a story published Monday.

"At one point her eyes got just huge, like she could've vomited".

The now-55-year-old actor, infamous for domestic battery convictions, on-set outbursts and a almost lifelong battle with drugs, remained one of Hollywood's busiest character actors until Monday, when THR, citing multiple named sources who were present, published one of the most disturbing accounts of sexual misconduct since Harvey Weinstein. Sizemore also allegedly spoke with the family and said, "I've done a lot of terrible things, and I'd never do anything with kids".

The girl's mother noticed her daughter was being unusually quiet the next day, and the girl revealed the alleged inappropriate touching when she put on a bathing suit to go swimming, as she said the suit felt similar to Sizemore's fingers. Domestic abuse charges include a conviction for beating then-wife Heidi Fleiss in 2003 and a February no-contest plea for assaulting his girlfriend previous year. He has publicly battled drug abuse since he was a teen, and was charged with with possession of methamphetamine in 2007.

"It filtered down to the crew", Roi Maufas, who worked as a production assistant, told the outlet. "I was watching her", co-star Robyn Adamson says. "She soon reintegrated and kept going, although she had trouble taking direction", Adamson recalled.

"The little girl said what she said and we all thought, "That fucking sleazebag.' There was never any doubt". They also talked to Sizemore and initially sent him away, but brought him back for reshoots months later after no charges were pressed and no further evidence surfaced.

Allegedly spurred by the recent unprecedented conversation in Hollywood surrounding sexual harassment and assault, following the bombshell allegations against Harvey Weinstein, the actress in question reportedly has hired a lawyer and is looking into what can be done. We're talking about consistent behavior, just being "Tom Sizemore" on set every day.

The producers of the film told THR they removed Sizemore from the set as soon as they heard about the assertion, reviewed the photographs from the portrait session but found them to be inconclusive, and suggested to the child's parents they could contact police if they wanted.

"Our position is 'no comment, '" the actor's agent, Stephen Rice, told THR.