Free Amazon Prime Video? Amazon Might Have Something in the Works


Currently, only subscribers of Prime - which costs $99 a year - can access the library of exclusive Prime Video content, which includes original shows and movies, as well as popular video content that includes classic comedies, dramas, contemporary superhero films and more.

United Kingdom residents pay £7.99 a month for Amazon Prime, which promises next day delivery and entitles Prime subscribers to Amazon's video streaming service. While Roku and Vudu offer some streaming content for free, Amazon diving into this particular realm feels like a big move for the company, which has often struggled to compete with the likes of Netflix when it comes to capturing the attention of streamers. It's unclear at this point in time when the company is planning to launch this service, if it is working on one at all.

Amazon would not be the first service to do this. Amazon might also share data like audience information and ad revenue to help get the new effort off the ground.

The company reportedly began exploring the idea of using ads in its content this year, when it began streaming National Football League games with commercials baked in, to evidently encouraging results. Creators would share in ad revenue in exchange for providing a set amount of content per week.

In addition to the broadcast television-esque advertising model, Amazon is also seeking to give content creators their own channels, with payments being doled out by the company to a creator based on how much content gets watched, similar to the way creators monetize their channels on YouTube.

On the programming front, of course, Amazon is going through a profoundly rocky period marked by multiple sexual harassment allegations and other misconduct that prompted the departure of Amazon Studios chief Roy Price, which was followed by the exit of other top execs., Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) is considering rolling out a free version of Amazon Prime Video. The company is trying to position itself in a way that attracts the most eyeballs, and you know what?