Hitman series in the works from John Wick creator


Derek Kolstad, who wrote John Wick (and will tackle the third adventure of the precise, melancholic killer) is also developing a Hitman series for Hulu. It's hard to say what those two games could be right now but if we were to guess we'd say one is a core Hitman game similar to Hitman (2016) and maybe a new mobile game like Hitman GO. Kolstad wrote the first John Wick movie released in 2014 and he's now penning the third one coming in 2019. Kolstad has already written a pilot for the show which will stream exclusively on Hulu with backing from Fox 21, 20th Century Fox's television production company.

According to Deadline, Kolstad will be writing the pilot script for Hitman, as well as executive producing alongside Adrian Askarieh and Chuck Gordon. Despite both films turning a profit they both failed to launch sequels and received weak reviews.

Hitman centers on Agent 47, a nameless assassin who initially works for the secretive International Contract Agency (ICA), taking assassination requests for high-end clients. Since the release of that first game, there have been eight more Hitman video games released.

The 2007 Hitman film, directed by Skip Woods, saw Timothy Olyphant play Agent 47. The goal is, apparently, to make Hitman a "flagship" series for the streaming service. IO Interactive has two more games in development. But if Kolstad can work his magic on Hitman, perhaps there's hope for video game adaptations, which can only boast Mortal Kombat as the perennial non-pixelated adaptation. Hitman: Agent 47 fared better with Friend's portrayal, who gave 47 just enough depth and dry wit to be likeable, but without making him a hero.

We'll continue to keep you posted as this story develops.