Hugh Jackman Musical The Greatest Showman Gets A Second Trailer


20th Century Fox has unveiled their first trailer for the upcoming movie, The Greatest Showman, starring Zendaya as a trapeze artist alongside her co-star, Zac Efron.

As longtime fans know, Jackman enjoys the razzle-dazzl, and The Greatest Showman certainly seems like the flawless vehicle for the actor to dive back into the world of song and dance. Oh yeah. But in addition to having a pretty catchy song, it also looks to have the emotional subtlety of a sledgehammer, and while that doesn't always work in film, in the context of a musical, it's something I personally tend to give more leeway. Featuring the soaring track This Is Me and brand new footage, we're reminded that "no one ever made a difference by being like everyone else".

The latest trailer emphasises the need for trusting your uniqueness as we get the glimpses of all the characters involved apart from Jackman, starting from Michelle Williams, Zendaya to Zack Efron and Rebecca Ferguson.

Les Miserables was the last Christmas release that Hugh sung on way back in 2012, meaning fans are chomping at the bit for his singing, dancing and acting. Basically everything they touch turns to gold at the moment, and The Greatest Showman may prove no different.

Hugh Jackman has put up the Wolverine claws earlier this year, and now it seems that he's going to be embracing his musical roots once again. He adorably labelled it "every girl's dream".