John Oliver Talks About The Disturbing Ways Trump Has Impacted America


While Oliver bemoans the amount of attention that he has spent on Trump, "His presidency is like one of his handshakes, it pulls you in whether you want it or not".

On Sunday's show, Oliver closed his fourth season by explaining how Trump avoids accountability. Oliver noted that the term describes Trump's tendency to "change the subject to someone else's perceived wrongdoing".

In July of this year, John Oliver came into possession of five wax presidents, the creepy residents of a now-defunct museum in Gettysburg, Pa.

Deligitimizing the media - "technically fake fake news old Soviet propaganda tool". HBO is obviously willing to pour a lot of money into a tw0-minute clip, so let's make it real, people. He also claimed that Trump is the "first troll ever elected president". In his look back over at Trump's first year in office, Oliver looks at the norms that Trump has broken-like never releasing his tax returns, hiring his daughter and son-in-law to work in the White House, and never putting his companies in a blind trust-as well as his transcripts. Seeing how it spreads, he said, is evidence of how we're already "seriously and lastingly f*cked". "They're going to clean it", and Oliver mocked him for thinking he meant that literally.

Taking a trip down a Trump-filled memory lane, Oliver commented on various moments throughout the year that led to controversy for the president, including Trump telling the French president's wife that she was in good shape and shoving the president of Montenegro at a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation event.

"We are going to spend our hiatus snaking information through our catheter cowboys", Oliver said, revealing that the cowboy ads, created to educate Trump on various issues, would air over the next few months on Fox News.