Jon Stewart Says He's "Stunned" By the Louis CK Sexual Misconduct Allegations


Jon Stewart visited Today Tuesday morning to promote "Night Of Too Many Stars", an Autism benefit the comedian hosts, and as was to be expected, the subject of Louis C.K. came up. "And in this situation, I think we all could have", he said. I've had friends who've had compulsions and who have done things - gambling or drinking or drugs - and we've lost some of them. "Comedy on its best day is not a great environment for women".

The former "Daily Show" host said Tuesday on NBC's "Today" show that inappropriate behavior is "endemic" in the comedy community and that it is an especially harsh environment for women. Louis CK admitted that the sexual harassment allegations were true in a statement Friday.

The comedian said he was doing a podcast with David Axelrod a year ago when someone in the audience asked him what he thought about swirling allegations against C.K. - and he quickly deflected.

Jon Stewart is really hoping you don't think everyone in Hollywood is a total sleaze. Stewart, a friend and colleague of C.K.'s, who actually had him on as his last guest on The Daily Show, responded that he was "stunned" by the news. He laughed off the question and answered, "So the Internet said Louis harassed women? I'm not that connected to that world".

"You get mad at yourself too for laughing it off or thinking, 'That didn't happen!'" Stewart added. "You know who you're talking to, right?" he tells the audience member, who cited a Gawker article and a podcast by comedian Jen Kirkman. And as he kept going, I was, 'Look, I know this is very serious.

John Oliver kicked off the fourth season finale of his talk show Last Week Tonight with a "lightning recap of the week", which included a jab at Louis C.K, the latest in a string of men in Hollywood to be accused of sexual misconduct. Stewart's response to the question was ... not ideal. "Digging around in it and finding that some people had done, it was hard, but we were all assured like, no, but we took somebody's word for it, and maybe that's an error on our part".

Mr. Stewart said he was "stunned" and "angry" to learn that his friend engaged in sexual misconduct involving masturbation. The Times report seemed to confirm years of industry rumors about C.K.'s behavior with women.