Russian Federation says U.S. providing cover for Islamic State in Syria


The United States and its allies are helping Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists "directly", the Russian defence ministry is quoted by Tass news agency as saying. The Russian MOD, however, captioned it somewhat differently, suggesting that the image was captured on November 9, 2017, depicting an "ISIS automobile convoy leaving Abu Kamal for Syrian-Iraqi border".

"The US refused to bomb an ISIS convoy fleeing from Abu Kamal under the pretext of the Convention on prisoners of war".

The ministry also said that the US coalition categorically refused to strike the retreating terrorists in spite of repeated proposals by the Russian military to conduct joint actions.

The ministry also said that the coalition's aviation tried to disturb Russia's Aerospace Forces near Abu Kamal to ensure safe exit of terrorists. To this aim, the coalition's attack aircraft entered the airspace over the 15-km zone around the city to hamper the Russian aircraft' mission, it said.

Russian Federation faced online ridicule on Tuesday for publishing footage from a computer game as undeniable proof that the USA was providing air support for Islamic State militants in the Middle East.

The defence ministry claims the jihadist fighters operate disguised as members of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) with USA support and that the government offensive on Abu Kamal has interrupted American plans to create a pro-US area on the eastern shore of the Euphrates River.

Russia's Defense Ministry earlier on Tuesday published photographs that it said proved that USA forces refrained from launching airstrikes against forces of the Islamic State terror group as they fled Syria's Al Bukamal.

"Such actions by the coalition show that the rapid advance of the Syrian troops in Abu Kamal have disrupted US plans to create pro-American authorities beyond the control of the Syrian government, and to manage the territories on the eastern bank of the Euphrates", it said. The flags used by Syrian Democratic Forces units found in Abu Kamal confirm that, the Russian Defense Ministry noted.