South Korea Agree to Deal with the North Korea Issue Peacefully


He repeated what was said in the agreement announced last month when the two countries agreed to end a year-long standoff over the deployment of a USA anti-missile system, THAAD.

According to the draft, the statement condemned North Korea, which continues to develop weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear and chemical weapons as well as ballistic missiles.

The leaders of South Korea and China on Saturday agreed on the need to manage the security situation on the Korean peninsula in a stable way and to resolve North Korea-related tensions peacefully after a summit meeting, the South's presidential office said.

The two countries agreed to normalize their ties in a joint statement issued by their foreign ministries on October 31. But Japan, whose relations with both neighbors have often been fraught, appeared to make little progress toward its hopes of hosting a trilateral summit by the end of the year. "We hope that the two sides can work together to put the two countries' ties on a normal track of development at an early date". Still, the Chinese President said that he is looking forward to a responsible act of the South Korean government.

The "latest statistics", noted Duterte, showed "robust" ties between the 10-member ASEAN and South Korea.

While President moon didn't mention the "THAAD Word" once, this as effectively what it was all about, although no fine details have yet been forthcoming on what has been agreed between the two leaders.

The two heads of state agreed to normalise bilateral relations at the summit that took place on the sidelines of last weekend's Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit.

Moon's talks with the Chinese premier will further highlight the improvement in South Korea-China relations, Seoul officials have said.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang called on Tuesday for advancing free trade agreement talks between China, Japan and South Korea, state news agency Xinhua reported. They reaffirmed that their two countries have a great responsibility to ensure regional and global peace and prosperity.