Thieves tunnel 25 feet into bank near Mumbai


The shocking incident reported in Mumbai on Monday where burglars dig the 30-feet tunnel to break down the lockers of the Juinagar branch of Bank of Baroda in Navi Mumbai. The value of the stolen cash and valuables has yet to be estimated. The police are yet to find out when exactly the burglary was committed during the weekend. The aggrieved customers in this case, thus, are unlikely to get any compensation from Bank of Baroda. The fifth shop is unoccupied, while the sixth belongs to a security agency. They ran a general store there to hide their dramatic activities and named it as Shree Balaji General Store.

The tunnel was reportedly dug from an adjoining shop outside the bank's storeroom said the investigators. For most, building a tunnel, nearly like a "proper construction" five feet under the ground in a highly populated area, which is surrounded by banks and the resultant security, seemed unimaginable. The culprits have dug an underground tunnel of 25 feet long to the locker room of the bank. A third section then went up to the room. In the tunnel, they took support of the pillars and used plywood to ensure that it doesn't fall. The dog squad led police officers to the railway station, which indicates that the accused may have fled by train. Previously similar modus operandi was used in Kamothe and Nerul cases wherein the accused were nabbed.

The police officer said there are 225 lockers are there in the bank, out of which 30 were found empty. Of 237 lockers, 30 lockers were found open.

Mr. Patil said, "As of now, we have spoken to around five customers, who have lost valuables worth around Rs. 7 lakh". Some were inconsolable after learning about the theft, while others were relieved to know that their lockers had not been broken into. It's an open secret that private banks usually demand heavy investments by customers (usually as fixed deposits or mutual funds) in exchange of pushing their names up in the "waiting list". "I was so shocked, could not hold back my tears".