Donald Trump 'mixes up' cities in tweet about latest mass shooting


The tweet closely mirrored the one Trump wrote hours after the shooting on November 5, which read, "May God be w/the people of Sutherland Springs, Texas".

A gunman randomly killed four people and wounded a number of others at multiple locations in rural Northern California, including an elementary school, before police shot him dead on Tuesday. "The FBI and Law Enforcement has arrived", Mr Trump tweeted shortly after 8.30pm on Tuesday evening.

A woman lays flowers at a memorial site for victims killed in a mass shooting in a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, the United States, Nov. 12, 2017. "Awful insult to the victims of both", the European media director of Human Rights Watch said.

Amado DeHoyos weighed in, tweeting, "I really didn't think anything could be worse for the families of mass-shooting victims than an endless string of "Thoughts and Prayers".Until Trump sent a copy/paste text and didn't change the city name from the last..." "The new one is in California".

Twitter users were quick to slam Trump after the Tweet, which still remained on his twitter feed a day after it was posted.

It was also almost word-for-word the same as the tweet he had posted about the Sutherland Springs shooting shortly after it happened.

Officials believe the shooting in California began as a "domestic violence incident", although the exact motivation for the killings is unknown.

Donald Trump's least presidential moments so far.