More Indians binge watch TV shows in public, study says


The ability to more easily watch Netflix's content offline could explain why subscribers are now binge-watching wherever they go - including public bathrooms.

Eight per cent of Australians are consuming content in a shared restroom - 1 per cent higher than the global average of 7 per cent -suggesting some viewers are unwilling to hit pause on their favourite series despite hygiene and privacy concerns.

The daily commute is a big time for Netflix with 34% of Aussies watching on the way to work, while the cafe also gets a run with 32% of people.

The Netflix data also reveals that 61% of Australians are publicly bingeing on aeroplanes (the highest percentage of any country globally), however Aussies have indicated we experience major issues with in-flight entertainment.

Recently, Netflix announced popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother would be leaving the streaming service next month on November 13.

The report, commissioned by supermarket chain Aldi, found Australians facing budgetary pressure were more likely to cut back on vehicle, clothing and holiday expenses, and even reduce spending on groceries, than sacrifice their streaming subscriptions.

In the last few years, Netflix's popularity in Australia has skyrocketed.

Netflix says that when we can't avoid the crowds, unpredictable weather delays and long lines that go hand in hand with the upcoming summer holidays, it is revealing that "59% of Aussies are watching their Netflix in Public, out of the home and on the go".