Mozilla drops Yahoo search for Google with new Firefox Quantum browser release


It also claims that Firefox Quantum uses less memory than the competing browsers.

Firefox Quantum boasts a revamped rendering engine with a new CSS (cascading style sheets) layout engine. Firefox Quantum scored 151 on JetStream compared with 144 for Google Chrome.

Quantum has a new minimal design. Another new feature prioritizes the tab a user is now on so that it works better and doesn't freeze up or become unresponsive, according to the Mozilla blog. The organization claims that Firefox Quantum is twice as fast as Firefox from six months ago, built with brand-new technology running native 64-bit, all while using 30 percent less RAM than the competition (read: Chrome). Of course the company can't steal from itself, which means Mozilla tried to do a quick joke whilst announcing their new web browser. It was, to Verizon, which this summer completed a $4.5 billion acquisition of the former Internet giant. In 2014, Yahoo's then-Chief Executive Officer, Marissa Mayer, lobbied heavily for the Firefox deal by agreeing to pay $375 million a year, according to regulatory filings.

Mozilla will hope the focus on speed will allow it to seize market share from Google and Microsoft. The goal is to make Firefox the fastest and smoothest browser for PCs and mobile devices - the company has previously promised that users can expect "some big jumps in capability and performance" through the end of the year. Instead, the recommendations come from Pocket users around the world.

Firefox once commanded roughly a fourth of the web browser market, but its share has slid in recent years.

"No. I just can't see it at this point", said Jack Gold, principal analyst at J. Gold Associates. The site for the new version also touts the updated browser's aggressive tracking protection and built-in ad- and script-blocking features.

"Anyone who downloads this version, which is so advanced we call it "Firefox Quantum", simply can't help but notice the speed, performance improvements, and the responsively slick new UI", wrote David Bryant in a Medium post Tuesday.

Private perusing mode for Firefox Quantum looks similarly on a par with customary perusing. I haven't added them all up, yet, but Photon is very customizable.

"In a year from now, it will be the same all over again", Gold said, referring to Firefox's minor player status.