Stove Top stuffing sells out of expandable Thanksgiving trousers


Look, I love stuffing-love it.

Stove Top's parent company, Kraft, told me that "unfortunately there will not be more trousers; however Stove Top has (Thanksgiving) cards that are available for download on the website". Stove Top Stuffing has designed fashionable unisex pants-with an elastic waistband. The company recently released an ad for the trousers.

Stove Top released a parody video to its YouTube page Monday to help promote the "Thanksgiving Dinner Pants".

Stove Top, a popular stuffing brand by Kraft, is selling "Thanksgiving Dinner Pants" to make Thanksgiving dinner a more comfortable experience.

An image of the stuffing is placed high and fits right over your belly.

There are reports that Stove Top will donate $10,000 of the proceeds to a charity called Feeding America. But act fast! They are only available while supplies last, and they're limited to one "serving per person".