Vidya Balan gives priceless answer on being called 'fat'


"It would be great if you could change your perception". Yet the actress is subjected to questions that are downright insulting to her stature. The reporter asked, "Have you thought of losing weight for glamorous roles or want to continue doing women-centric films?"

However, it's really hard to change people's perspective who think a well toned up body of a woman can only be called glamorous.

Vidya Balan has been promoting her upcoming film Tumhaari Sulu for a while now, and she was at a press conference when a reporter made a decision to ask her questions that can only be described as ignorant. The film, which tells the interesting story of a housewife, who turns into a night RJ, has received huge praise from celebs and critics alike. The connection between being skinny and being glamorous, or even between not being glamorous and doing women-centric roles only exists because of patriarchal notions.

Directed by debutante Suresh Triveni, the film is produced under the banners of T-Series and Ellipsis Entertainment.

While interacting with the media recently, the actress got stunned by the type of questions she was bombarded with by one of the journos. In reality, the fact that a reporter asked Vidya Balan about her plans of weightloss only angers us, but doesn't surprise us.

The journalist said that we have been seeing Vidya in a lot of women-centric films. The weird question left the actress visibly shocked.

Sadly, Youtube commenters seem to have a whole other point of view. More power to you.