Thanksgiving Dinner Fixings Cost Less This Year, Survey Says


Thankfully for the gastronomically challenged masses of America, however, cylindrical potato chip purveyor Pringles are here to help, offering not only a labor-free Thanksgiving alternative, but one that makes mom's turkey jerky and stuffing soup look like Per Se by comparison: The whole Thanksgiving shebang in potato chip form.

There are the obvious inclusions - turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce, but also some less obvious choices, including creamed corn, pumpkin pie, and mash potato.

Experts said this is the second year in a row we're seeing lower Thanksgiving dinner prices.

That survey indicates the average cost of this year's meal for 10 is $49.12 a person.

The stable average price reported this year by Farm Bureau for a classic Thanksgiving dinner tracks with the government's Consumer Price Index for food eaten at home. Cost for that bird is $22.28 this year, roughly $1.40 a pound. In fact, an average American farmer feeds 155 people each year.

Volunteers also priced out rolls, carrots, celery and pumpkin pie mix.

The decline in turkey prices is due to a continued large inventory in cold storage, which Newton said is nearly up double digits from 2016.

Farm Bureau volunteers conducted the survey in 33 communities - including Eau Claire - in October and November.

"Milk production has increased, resulting in continued low retail prices", Newton said.

As you might expect, the majority of people-around 63 percent-stick to wine as their Thanksgiving beverage of choice, with half responding that they serve red wine with dinner, compared to only 10% who serve white (the rest of the respondents presumably serve either liquor, beer, or non-alcoholic beverages).

Shoppers with an eye for bargains in all areas of the country should be able to purchase individual menu items at prices comparable to the Farm Bureau survey averages.