Florida Democratic Party Leader Resigns After Allegations of Workplace Harassment


Depending on the circumstance and the person discussing Bittel, they said he would make references about women cooking dinner, showing their breasts, their age, whether they wanted to ride on his plane, come to his hotel room or if they thought he was attractive.

Bittel's position became untenable after all four major Democratic candidates for Florida governor urged his ouster following a Politico Florida report late Thursday in which six women anonymously complained about Bittel's behavior.

And that's not to mention the breast-shaped squeeze ball Bittel has been known to keep on his desk.

Between the comments, leering and invites to sail the skies with Bittel, the women say the FDP chair had created an unprofessional work environment.

The calls for Bittel's resignation from Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, former U.S. Rep. Gwen Graham, former Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine and Orlando businessman Chris King made it impossible for Bittel to continue at the party helm. One woman told POLITICO it was the informal policy not to leave female staff alone with Bittel.

The POLITICO report says that Bittel apologized in a written statement.

The Florida Democratic Party said the party's first vice chair, Judy Mount, will take over on an interim basis until the State Executive Committee elects its new leader December 9. We must actively work to shift the power dynamics in which men have deluded themselves into thinking they have control of women. Bill Nelson, who will also be on the 2018 ballot, publicly commented on Bittel's fate.

Bittel, a wealthy real estate developer who has been the party's chairman only since January, announced Friday in the wake of the accusations that he would resign.

Allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior have struck again in the Florida political scene.

Bittel won the top party post after a disputed election.

President Trump has faced accusations of sexual impropriety, while senate candidate and Alabama Judge Roy Moore is facing accusations of misconduct from a number of women, and sitting Minnesota senator Al Franken has apologized following the revelation of inappropriate past actions.

"There was a lot of boob stuff in his office", said a woman who was a fundraiser years ago and had to interact with him. "It seems I've not been successful in that goal, and I will do better". I hope Chairman Bittel does the right thing and steps down as Chairman.