Accused NYC terrorist faces 20 new charges, including murder


A bicycle lays on a bike path at the crime scene where a motorist earlier Tuesday drove onto the path near the World Trade Center memorial, striking and killing several people, Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2017, in NY.

"Like so many terrorists before him, Saipov will face justice in an American court", said Joon H. Kim, acting USA attorney for the Southern District of NY, adding that "we expect justice in this case will be swift, firm and resolute".

Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey reacts to what the US should be doing in response to the threat.

Federal prosecutors hit the suspect in the New York City truck attack that killed eight people on Halloween with a 22-count indictment late Tuesday, eight charges of which carry a possible death penalty.

"People have a right to safety walking down a sidewalk or riding a bike, and we will not change our resolve to confront these threats both at home and overseas", Sessions said in a statement.

The Uzbeki national, who was taken into custody after he was shot by NYPD, was so shameless about his loyalty to ISIS in the aftermath of the attack that he asked if he could fly the terror group's flag inside his Bellevue Hospital room, the feds have said. He was arrested after several people were run over by a vehicle October 31 in a midday attack on a popular bike path. Saipov is due in court on November 28, officials said.

The man accused of driving a van onto a crowded lower Manhattan sidewalk in an attack inspired by the Islamic State, killing eight people and injuring 12, will face murder and terrorism charges in federal courts in NY.

Under federal law, the Department of Justice must formally announce their intention to seek capital punishment for the first set of counts, which are death-eligible.

President Donald Trump cheered the possibility of Saipov's speedy execution on Twitter. Eight people were killed in the attack and 12 others were injured.

In a 22-count indictment, prosecutors said that the Islamic State was an enterprise engaged in organized crime and that Sayfullo Saipov perpetrated the attack for the goal of gaining membership.

Acting U.S. Attorney Joon H. Kim said "scores of videos and images on his cellphone" will be part of the evidence in the case against Saipov.

William F. Sweeney Jr., the head of New York's Federal Bureau of Investigation office, said that despite Saipov's "intentions to inflict significant damage, death, and injury to innocent victims", the indictment shows "that the rule of law will always prevail".

Sayfullo Saipov, 29, was indicted in federal court in New York City on Tuesday.