Black Friday sales start earlier; become brands for retailers


"You basically have to eat, plan, cook the day before, have everything ready by the time 10 a.m., 11 a.m., be out here and you out shopping", said James Watson. Instead, you get a flier, check off the items you want and they bring them to you.

James Weaver, like many others in line, slept at Best Buy overnight to get deals on a new 4K TV. Black Friday deals are in full swing at retailers across our area.

One man said he'd rather go shopping on Thanksgiving Day because he works early on Black Friday.

Thanksgiving meals are packed away and it's time for the next holiday weekend tradition: shopping. The furniture sales cycle resets in the summer, so if you wait until Black Friday, you won't be getting the best deals, according to.

About EyeSee360: EyeSee360 are a leading deal review and comparison website that specialize in rounding up Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on gadgets, electronics, home and outdoors gear. Moreover, ComScore's projection for Cyber Monday is that the day will remain the #1 day for USA online sales, expected to generate $4.5bn in e-commerce, which an increase of +22% vs. $3.68bn during Cyber Monday 2016.

Finally, below are two interesting charts on trends in prior years on days and number of sales from Cowen on 2015 and 2016.

It shouldn't come as no surprise to you that Thanksgiving Day will come out as the high dollar amount shopping day.

Discounts this year from most retailers are running for an entire week, starting on Monday, November 20th, and ending shortly after Cyber Monday on November 27th.

"Since more of these top door busters were available online, shoppers either shopped online or waited until Black Friday to go to a brick-and-mortar location", ShopperTrek said. Cyber Monday Hero participate in the Amazon Associates and other affiliate programs that allows them to earn income on links provided to and additional websites.