Crocodiles leave Aussie fishermen trapped on vehicle for four days


After failing to dig the vehicle out they said they spent four nights camped on top of it to stay safe.

Charlie Williams, 19, Beau Bryce-Maurice, 37 and dog Mindee became bogged on the Dampier Peninsula on Friday, over 100km north of Broome. Police began to search for them on Monday after they failed to return home, and they were found, dehydrated and tired, on Tuesday afternoon.

They made a video while they were stranded to document and send a message to their loved ones.

"To tell you the truth, it was like slow human torture", Mr Bryce-Maurice told the ABC.

"They can see where they're going these days so they're travelling further distances and getting stuck in places they normally wouldn't go".

A saltwater crocodile in an Australian wildlife park. Getty

"We could see the [crocodile's] eyes hanging in the background", Mr Williams said.

Williams and Morris reportedly rationed food and water but had run out of all supplies by the time the police reached. "Quite a big croc".

Sergeant Mark Balfour told the ABC that by the time the two men were located they were nearly out of water and were clearly shaken up by the whole experience.

"Being out there for five days in this kind of country and with the weather being quite hot, I don't know what would have been going through their heads".

The men were worn out, dehydrated and had heat stroke after temperatures peaked at 35degC during their ordeal.