Guj bans film 'Padmavati' as row continues to simmer


"There are issues with the film, our sympathy is with those who are protesting against it and that is the reason we will not allow its release in the state till those issues are resolved", Rupani said here.

It had ruled that the petition was devoid of merit.

"We will take it up on Tuesday".

Asked on what basis was he claiming that the film distorted history, Kalvi said it was his "assumption" based on an alleged statement of Ranveer Singh, who plays Alauddin Khilji in the movie.

Sharma then sought to block the release of the film till the so-called objectionable scenes were deleted and a criminal case against Bhansali was filed for portraying Rajput queen Padmavati as a "dancer" in the film. The chief minister of the state, Vijay Rupani, on Wednesday, stated that the home department of the state had made a decision to ban the film to avoid breakdown of law and order in the state which is headed for an election. "All known versions of this work passed uncut", it said.

The Supreme Court on Thursday agreed to hear on November 28 a fresh petition for a direction to the producers of film Padmavati not to release it in the United Kingdom or in any other country outside India on December 1.

While the big budget entertainer would have enjoyed a solo release on 1 December, there is little hope of it seeing the light of the day this year. It was requested that Hindu sentiments should not be offended by playing "Ghoomar" song in the cultural programs being organized in schools. Only the state government can issue such circulars. "I have directed the DEO to immediately withdraw this order", he said.

The timeline below shows the events in the struggle that the makers of the film have been facing.

However, Bhansali said in an appeal that there was no dream sequence and it was all a rumour.

Historians, however, are divided even on whether Rani Padmavati existed.

The final copy of the film submitted to BBFC states that the duration of "Padmavati" is 164 minutes and is scheduled for release on 1st December 2017. She finds mention in the 16th century epic poem "Padmavat".