Julie 2 movie review by audience


The videos include the lead actress Raai Laxmi getting it on with a man, a lip-lock between them and a scene where she smiles while the camera zooms towards her bosom. Pahlaj Nihalani, who is distributing the erotic thriller Julie 2, shocked everyone with a revelation he recently made about the film. Even while talking about her role to media, the actress said, " I will be seen in 96 different outfits. "It's ridiculous that someone would want to do this to the film before release", she wrote on Twitter.

Pahlaj Nihalani has described it as a "very clean, adult movie".

Chiranjeevi told in his video byte, " Hi Rai Lakshmi, wish you all the best for your Hindi debut with Julie 2 movie. Apparently, Raai Laxmi's character in Julie 2 is based on a popular actress of the 1990s and 2000s.

Julie 2, a sequel to Neha Dhupia's Julie (2004) is going to hit the screens on October 6, 2017.

Raai Laxmi Too Had Confirmed

Raai Laxmi in "Julie 2". Earlier, in an interview, she had said that apart from a lot of skin show and steamy scenes, Julie 2 has a hard-hitting social message.

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It was said that the heroine in question started her career with one of the top Khans of Bollywood during the '90s. But it was her booming career in the south, in Tamil and Telugu cinema, that made her a star.

Lovely actress Raai Laxmi who entertained the Telugu audience with her performance in Kanchana 2 shifted to Bollywood and is testing her luck. "I don't know if they are deliberate or just a coincidence". "But once the film opens next Friday, it will be obvious to all which real-life actress Raai Laxmi is playing". The erotic-thriller, released on November 24, passed with zero cuts and received an "A" certificate.