RZA files lawsuit against dog walking company Woof-Tang Clan


Bobby Digital's suit is in response to a trademark application filed by the Woof-Tang Clan on June 8, claiming it violates multiple trademarks already established by the group years ago. His company offers dog-sitting services, with their advertisements saying that staff are "courteous and responsible, as long as we're in agreement that Nas' Illmatic is the greatest album of all time".

The Daily News adds that Woof-Tang Clan owner Marty Cuatchon was contacted by phone Friday and is "aware" of RZA's lawsuit, but "declined comment until he could seek legal advice".

In court papers, Diggs said the name and logo of the Wu-Tang Clan has been "unmistakably associated" with the Staten Island hip hop group since 1993.

View photos of Woof Tang Clan's t-shirts below, which have since been removed from their website.

Named "Old Dirty Bali - Return to the 36 Chambers", the illustration mirrored the cover of Ol' Dirty Bastard's solo debut album of the same name. That got them in the doghouse with the real Wu-Tang Clan.

Cuatchon is not the first to use the name Woof-Tang Clan, which also belongs to an Alaskan sled dog team.