The Steam Autumn Sale has begun


And, just as expected, Steam's Black Friday sale has begun. You can pick the best non-violent game (because "the world is grim enough"), the game you like in spite of its flaws ("no apologies") and the game that still gets some TLC years after release ("labor of love"). Since Steam is physically unable to have a normal sale without gimmicks, the Steam Awards are back again, letting you nominate your favorite games so you can get that sweet, sweet profile XP. It also makes it easy to compare prices with the ongoing Origin, Ubisoft Store, GOG, and Humble Store Black Friday sales.

Many titles have been heavily discounted for the Autumn Sale, including Grand Theft Auto V, Dark Souls III, Fallout 4, The Withcer 3, and more. Most notably, the promo (which runs until November 28th) cuts the price of the relatively fresh Middle-earth: Shadow of War by 40 percent to $36. Users will have the opportunity of making their minds until the Steam Autumn Sale will end.

If you happen to be in the United States, you can also pick up a boxed copy of Wolfenstein 2 or The Evil Within 2 for under $30 on all three formats. You'll earn a badge for nominating a game, and completing other tasks will allow you to level it up, as outlined here.

This news also lead Valve to reveal that the votes will be taking place in December during the Winter Sale.

You can check out everything on sale on Steam here.