Grandma who accidentally invited stranger to Thanksgiving dinner makes it a tradition


Now we're really chuffed to see that this may have started an awesome tradition, with the pair reuniting again for dinner this year.

A Thanksgiving mix-up has turned into a holiday tradition for two people in Arizona.

Two strangers who met via a wrong number and became a social media sensation a year ago, met up again for a second Thanksgiving dinner, marking a new tradition for both.

Despite Hinton not being the intended recipient of the invite, Dench did say he could come over. "That's what grandmas do - they feed everybody", Wanda Dench told NBC affiliate KPNX.

Jamal said the Dench family has extended an open invitation to join them every year.

After screenshots of the text exchange were posted to Twitter, the story went viral.

"I still see it everywhere", said Hinton.

You can't turn Grandma down for Thanksgiving dinner, even if it's not your grandma.

Except Hinton forgot to hide her cell phone number. After the mixup was discovered, Hinton joked about whether he can still get a plate of food, despite the wrong number.

"For him to continue with the relationship, I'm just really pleasantly surprised", Dench told the Phoenix-based paper. "That shows me how great of a person she is, I'm thankful for people like that".

"He always has an open invite to our house for Thanksgiving", Wanda said, when asked if this might become a tradition. Hopefully we're writing another article about the tradition next year! He'll apologize for being late and try to find room for another plate of turkey.

Dench reportedly extended a standing offer to Hinton to attend future Thanksgivings, an offer he accepted.

"Grandma? Can I have a picture", Hinton replied.

The pair remained in contact since last year's dinner, and Jamal said he now thought of Ms Dench as an adopted grandmother. "I do believe there was a reason".