Chinese general kills self after facing graft probe


China's Central Military Commission (CMC) on Tuesday announced that one of its former senior officers committed suicide after authorities launched a corruption probe against him.

Xi promised during last month's Communist Party congress to intensify graft crackdowns which have already brought down 1.5 million party officials of various levels-including top military brass-since 2012.

Zhang Yang, the former head of CMC's political work department, was found hanging in his Beijing home on November 23. Members of the two bodies overlap.

Zhang Yang is the most senior military officer to commit suicide amid the ongoing investigations targeting corruption within the ranks of the People's Liberation Army, according to local media. Zhang, a Chinese general, has hanged himself in his Beijing home after corruption allegations.

Xinhua said Zhang had been under investigation since August on suspicion of bribery, having a large amount of property he could not account for and other acts that "seriously violated" laws and regulations.

"The army holds the barrel of a gun-we can not allow any corrupt elements to hide behind it".

"The CMC made a decision to hold "talks" with Zhang to investigate his involvement in the cases of Guo and Xu, two former CMC vice-chairmen, on Aug 28", the report added.