Norway's trains kill more than 100 reindeer in three days


Speeding freight trains have slain more than 100 reindeer in Norway since last week, marking the most deadly 12-month period ever for the area.

Torstein Appfjell, a reindeer herder who has lost some of his animals, told Sky News he was "dizzy with anger" at the "unprecedented" loss of 106 animals.

"It's a senseless animal tragedy.a psychological nightmare", he added.

Photos taken by documentary filmmaker Jon Erling Utsi showed dead reindeer lying in the blood-stained snow.

"It was a nightmare to watch", Erling told NRK. He said that in the worst 12-month period they've seen in the area, 250 animals were killed in train accidents. They were lying there, suffering. "It was a bloodbath over several kilometres", he said.

The reindeer deaths have come as the animals - led by their herders - migrate to the winter pastures during a hazardous trek.

A dead reindeer laying next to the railway near Mosjoen in northern Norway. The trip is full of other unsafe hazards, such as cars and the risk of drowning in bodies of water, DW reported.

The herders are demanding the railway operator install a fence along the track but there has been no funding for it yet.

According to The Telegraph, Bane NOR said a warning about the reindeer on one train route had failed to reach a driver because of a "technical failure". "Unfortunately, it was too late".