Clara Amfo replaces Reggie Yates on Christmas Top of the Pops


Clara hosts Radio 1's mid-morning show - the home of Radio 1's Live Lounge - where she has hosted artists like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Jay Z to Stormzy, Wolf Alice and Royal Blood.

After presenting Top of the Pops since 2004, it must be shocking and a little upsetting for many to see him leave, but undoubtedly, it's impossible to ignore his comments.

Now because of the backlash Reggie has ditched his role on Top of the Pops, with the Grange Hill star announcing the news on his Twitter page.

Yates published an apology on Twitter in which he stated that he "made some ill-considered remarks which have hurt many people". Yates tweeted to apologise "unreservedly to the Jewish community", stating that his words "reinforced offensive stereotypes" and was "no reflection on how I truly feel".

A spokesman for the BBC told the British press that they "take these issues very seriously", and added that "Reggie is in no doubt about the BBC's view of his comments".

Top of the Pop's Christmas Day edition is usually a family-friendly event, a big celebration of all the great music released over the year.

A BBC radio personality resigned after making offensive and anti-Semitic comments on a show last month.

Resigning The 34-year-old TV presenter previously came under fire after he referred to music managers as the'fat Jewish guy, for which he apologised for at the time. But he has now decided to step down from hosting the show's Christmas special after

"Yates made the comments while appearing as a guest on a podcast, hosted by the DJ Chuckie Lothian, titled "#Halfcast Podcast: "Take Back The Power".

But his choice of wording sparked controversy as he said: "They're independent, they're not managed by some random fat Jewish guy from north west London, they're managed by their brethren".

Gideon Falter, chairman of Campaign Against Anti-Semitism said at the time that Yates' comments "evoke the ugly stereotype of Jews as untrustworthy and money-grabbing".

Amfo said: "I'm so happy and honoured to be presenting Top of the Pops alongside Fearne".

The presenter first got his break into the industry as an eight-year-old on Channel 4 comedy Desmonds - which ran from 1989 - 1994.

The beginning of a long-standing presenting relationship Fearne and Reggie went on to present on BBC Radio One together and Top of the Pops.