Fake Interpreter in Florida Delivered Sign Language Gibberish


To add insult to injury, the Tampa police department confirmed they hadn't ordered an interpreter for the press conference, meaning Roberts turned up on her own accord.

A United States sign language interpreter has left deaf audiences stumped after delivering gibberish during a police press conference. In that hectic moment, he says he failed to ask the right questions to determine whether she was from Purple Communications, which the city typically hires for sign language duties.

A breakthrough in a U.S. multiple homicide investigation is being overshadowed by reports that an American sign language interpreter used by the Tampa Police Department was bogus or at the very least off their game.

Rachelle Settambrino, a sign language teacher at the University of South Florida, told the Tampa Bay Times that when Dugan said his agency received around 5,000 tips about the four murders, Roberts signed something along the lines of "fifty-one hours ago, zero 12 22 [gibberish] murder three minutes in 14 weeks ago in old [gibberish] four five 55,000 plea 10 arrest murder bush [gibberish] three age 24".

Deaf people and interpreters were outraged, complaining that her signs could not be understood, and commenting on the police Facebook post of the video.

Florida police have run into the problem of "fake" sign language interpreters before.

He assumed that someone else at the department called the service it uses for interpreters. In September, as Hurricane Irma approached Florida and officials announced a mandatory evacuation, an interpreter in nearby Manatee County began signing words like "pizza", "monster" and "bear", along with other gibberish.

"I know the deaf mother of one of the victims' of the serial killer, she was standing there". It may not be the first time that Roberts has done something unethical, either. A person matching Roberts' name and age has an extensive criminal record that includes convictions for fraud over $50,000 and fraudulent use of personal information, but Hegarty couldn't confirm they are the same person.

Roberts has so far not responded to the allegations. "And please do not ever do this again".

It's unclear whether the woman is a certified American sign language interpreter. He later said he is schizophrenic and had seen angels descending in the stadium where the event took place. Thank you very much!