Did Trump's Teeth Almost Fall Out During His Historic Israel Speech?


"Trump's false teeth so unhappy with his Jerusalem speech they summarily tried to fly out of his mouth", a user wrote.

"It does appear that Donald Trump received a smile makeover with porcelain restorations", the center said in response to a letter asking how Trump achieved his bright smile. "You know what it seemed like the whole time?"

"It was worse! It was so much worse", Noah said, laughing.

"He sounds like he just had a drink with Bill Cosby", he quipped.

Some have wondered if Trump has dentures, others have noted that a sudden onset of slurred speech can be indicative of a stroke, or even a side effect of medication.

#DentureDonald appeared high on Twitter trends Thursday thanks to Trevor Noah. And he's never admitted to wearing dentures. We need to know what's happening, people. "His dentures would start falling out and then he wouldn't be able to finish his sentence".

"Fake teeth, fake hair, fake tan-there's no part of his body that's real", Noah quipped.

"There's no shame in having dentures".

Gartner gave a straightforward, reality-based assessment of Donald Trump's presidency and the existential threat to America and the world posed by his presidency.

Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital could be viewed as America discarding its longstanding neutrality and siding with Israel at a time that White House senior adviser Jared Kushner has been trying to midwife a new peace process into existence.

However, it wasn't Trump's words that became the focus of attention during the important speech. You'll note that in the first few minutes, Trump is articulate and pronounces the letter "s" correction.