Jay-Z & Beyonce Deja Vu


Let's cast our minds back three years to the moment when Bey's sister Solange lased out at her brother in law and shocked the world by violently kicking Jay Z while Beyoncé looked on unfazed.

As seen in a video from SplashNews.com posted on TMZ's website, the two posed in the elevator for paparazzi, with Jay even telling the photographers to "come and get it" - "it" being as many pictures as they could take before the duo retreated into a private luxury vehicle.

The couple's new and much happier elevator ride took place last night (Dec. 4) at New York City's Angelika Film Center, which Beyoncé rented for a private showing of the new Woody Allen movie Wonder Wheel. While the two are "cool" now, JAY-Z says he and Solange only "had one disagreement ever" but "before and after, we've been cool".

Check out photos of JAY-Z and Beyonce in the elevator below.

Depending on the amount of Kool Aid (Lemonade?) you're drinking, Beyoncé and Jay-Z either had a nice, quiet evening for the rapper's 48th birthday, or went and brought the infamous elevator fight full damn circle. However, recently he first publicly admitted that he cheated on his wife. He said, "Every emotion is connected and it comes from somewhere".