Sacramento civic and business leaders urge local Congress members to fix DACA


President Donald Trump threatened a government shutdown and blamed Democrats for immigration problems linked to crime. "There are good negotiations occurring between Democrats and Republicans to come up with a good DACA program as well as some good border security".

Congress has the authority - and the duty - to provide changes to the immigration laws. Those in the program were brought to the USA illegally as children and have grown up and attended school here.

Since DACA was implemented, more than 5,900 young people in Pennsylvania have emerged from the shadows to pass background checks, and to legally live and work in the US, according to a fact sheet issued by the egalitarian labor rights group Interfaith Worker Justice.

Saying the future of America and its economy depends upon it, Sacramento business and civic leaders joined students at Sacramento State on Wednesday to sign a letter to six local U.S. Congress members asking them to help advance bipartisan legislation that would offer so-called "Dreamers" protection from deportation and a path to citizenship.

As children and grandchildren of Armenian Americans, whose ancestors faced hardship due to being immigrants during and after the Armenian Genocide, ACA believes that United States Congress should at the very least pass the Dream Act and uphold the American dream for those immigrant youth who continue to uphold the ideals of freedom, equality, and opportunity, traditionally held to be available to every American, citizen or not - who labor each day to make this nation a more flawless union that can live up to the liberties enshrined in its founding documents.

As the NAE's iMarch for Immigration got underway, Trump's administration continued to seek a DACA deal with Congress by year's end. Senate Republicans, including Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley of Iowa and Sen. They want a path to citizenship, and they say they're exhausted of waiting.

The House Republicans who signed the letter acknowledged those asks, but said the urgency of DACA recipients' circumstances warranted immediate action.

That's why activists like Jeremy Robbins of the group New American Economy say this is a ideal time for Congress act.

In addition to the human cost of such strict immigration policies, rescinding DACA makes very little sense financially, especially considering Illinoi's budget issues.

Just one month ago, 23 percent of swing voters said DACA amnesty was a "top priority" for Congress, as Breitbart News reported, revealing a three percent decline in support by Independents for amnesty.

SNELL: His group is working with people on the right and the left. "I have no interest in separating them from what is likely the only country they know".

Immigrants in Pennsylvania paid $7.5 billion in taxes in 2014 and wielded $20.2 billion in spending power over the same year, according to data released today by New American Economy (NEA) - a coalition of businesses and lawmakers calling for immigration reform. Visitors to the war room included Republicans Sen.

ILEANA ROS-LEHTINEN: Hi. I'm Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

"There's a growing chorus with a simple message for Congress - step up and fix our broken immigration system, starting with a fix for Dreamers", John Feinblatt, president of New American Economy (NAE) said in a statement emailed to the Louisiana Record. "Our country was funded and grew prosperously based on providing opportunities and fairness for all". Whether that can happen without shutting down the government might become clearer tomorrow when Trump meets with congressional leaders at the White House.