Terror suspect shares details of Prince George in United Kingdom; charged


Authorities have accused Husnain Rashid of putting the information about the 4-year-old son of Prince William and the former Kate Middleton on the encrypted platform Telegram.

A terror suspect in the United Kingdom was on Wednesday charged with terrorist offences for allegedly sharing details of Britain's 4-year-old Prince George on an encrypted online messaging service, police said.

Prosecutor Rebecca Mundy alleged Rashid said that "even the Royal Family will not be left alone" and that he also meant to travel to Syria to fight.

The court heard an image he allegedly shared included the address for Prince George's school and text which read: 'Even the royal family won't be left alone'. Rashid is accused of setting up a number of channels on which he broadcasts material to assist terrorists.

Rashid appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court today charged with preparing to commit terrorist acts and one count of assisting others to commit acts of terror.

Prince George
Prince George

Just four days before George started school, a woman filmed herself walking through the corridors unchallenged, calling the lack of security "astonishing". "It provides an address in Battersea for a school which the young Prince attends", she said.

To complicate things, the messages became encrypted, meaning it was extremely hard to determine what was actually sent.

The terror suspect also wanted to leave the United Kingdom and fight for Isis in Syria, it is claimed.

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