Tesla releases map of planned LA Boring tunnels


It sounds insane, but this is Elon Musk we are talking about and his tunnel company just posted a map of the proposed LA tunnel network.

Taking to Twitter, the entrepreneur said The Boring Company will compete to fund, build, and operate a high-speed Loop from Chicago O'Hare. The phase one track will connect LA to Culver City and will be used for systems and safety testing, as well as to demonstrate line-switching.

But before any passengers can use the system, it will need to be tested extensively. And if you look at this newly-published map of Musk's proposed tunnel routes, you can see that he does intend to change LA's infrastructure forever.

Musk's tunnel-digging venture recently filed for a permit to dig beyond land adjoining SpaceX and Tesla's Design Center, an area where the company first received approval from the Hawthorne City Council for construction of a 2-mile test tunnel.

If (and it's a big if) the permit is approved, the tunnel is built, and all the testing proves successful, The Boring Company would then seek agreement from the County government and City government to open it to the public. With a proof-of-concept tube already underway, The Boring Company has now expanded on its plans for the City of Angels, offering an idea of how a network of high-speed tunnels could take shape.

Both private vehicles and larger shuttles with "between 8 and 16 passengers" would be ferried through the tunnels on sled-like "electric skates" that will travel up to 150 miles per hour (though the plans note they could eventually go faster), the documents show.

Phase II is a huge expansion of the tunnel system and is simply a concept right now with no "finalized alignment".

A map with Phase 1 of the project, the proof-of-concept tunnel, highlighted in red and Phase 2 highlighted in blue. The company says the second phase would be developed in cooperation with multiple the government in Los Angeles County and the public.

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