The Atom joins Injustice 2, watch the gameplay trailer here


With Fighter Pack 3 on its way (which included the Ninja Turtles), Developer NetherRealm and Publisher Warner Bros. have released a trailer for the first hero from the pack, The Atom, and he's just a badass.

Like Marvel's Ant-Man, Atom, also known as physics enthusiast Ryan Choi, has the ability to change his size at will by using his quantum bio-belt. In addition to Leonardo and company, the new pack of fighters will give us the opportunity to control Enchantress and Atom. In addition to being able to change size and dodge almost everything thrown at him, he can also freeze opponents in place. Players will really need to learn to master high, medium, and low attacks if they want to take on Atom competently. Also, you can control it if you have the Deluxe or Ultimate edition of Injustice 2.

When Atom is normal size, he employs the use of a variety of different scientific gadgets and chemicals for his attacks, causing him to look like he will be one of the most colorful and vibrant fighters of Injustice 2. Watch the trailer below...

The Atom enters the Injustice 2 fray as part of Batman's crew on December 12th.