US B-1B bombers to fly over Korean peninsula on Wednesday -Yonhap


Pompeo said Saturday that US intelligence agencies believe North Korean leader Kim Jong Un doesn't have a good idea about how tenuous his situation is domestically and internationally.

A South Korea official said on Tuesday that the North's leader may make the completion of its nuclear program official in his New Year's message. The North continued to describe the B-1B a "nuclear strategic bomber" although the plane was switched to conventional weaponry in the mid-1990s.

The drills, which started on Monday and will run until Friday, come after North Korea tested what it called its most advanced intercontinental ballistic missile that can reach all of the United States. Chinese Air Force spokesperson Shen Jinke appeared on China Central Television (CCTV) on December 5 to say that the Chinese Air Force had conducted drills in the Yellow Sea (known in South Korea as the West Sea) and in the East China Sea.

The supersonic bombers have previously flown over North Korea in pairs as a show of force after past missile launches by the isolated nation's military. -South Korea military drills, preferably cooped up in a bunker.

North Korea routinely uses strong language to denounce U.S.

In comments attributed to an unnamed Foreign Ministry spokesman, North Korea also claimed high-ranked US officials, including CIA Director Mike Pompeo, have further confirmed American intent for war with a series of "bellicose remarks".

The aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan conducts joint drills with the South Korean navy at sea
The aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan conducts joint drills with the South Korean navy at sea

A United Nations spokesman said Feltman will discuss "issues of mutual interest and concern" with Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho and Vice Minister Pak Myong Guk during his visit, which ends on Friday - as does the military drill.

In this photo taken during a joint exercise to counter WMDs held in Pocheon, just north of Seoul, South Korean and USA soldiers march at a training site.

The training was conducted in response to the ongoing US-South Korean Vigilant Ace-18 joint aerial drillsThe Chinese Air Force announced that it had recently carried out a reconnaissance exercise in a "new area" near the Korean Peninsula.

North Korea has warned that the Vigilant Ace exercises are a provocation which would "only invite more bad retaliation and precipitate their self-destruction".

Discussing ways to "peacefully resolve North Korea's nuclear issue" will be on Moon's agenda when he meets President Xi Jinping next week, Moon's office said.

China reacted to the roll-out with an unofficial embargo of South Korea, which hit the country's tourism industry and prompted Chinese consumers to boycott Korean brands. China is North Korea's lone major ally and fears widespread instability on its border.