US House votes to expand concealed carry gun rights


The measure has 210 Republican co-sponsors and three Democrats.

Former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., who was shot in the head in 2011, denounced the House action.

By combining the national concealed weapons bill with the Fix NICS Act, the House is jeopardizing the chances of actually passing bipartisan, comprehensive reform of our broken background checks system.

Half the states do give law enforcement the authority to deny permits to those who raise unsafe red flags, such as an arrest for assault.

Esty says the background check measure would help ensure mental health and criminal records are loaded into a federal database.

But she said Republicans were catering to the gun lobby by including the measure in a "horrible bill" on concealed-carry permits.

The Fix NICS bill would save lives, but shouldn't be tethered to the reciprocity bill, said Rep. Jerrold Nadler, New York Democrat, as he encouraged colleagues to vote against the proposal as it was debated on the House floor.

"I'm angry that when this country is begging for courage from our leaders, they are responding with cowardice", she said in a statement.

States have also adopted laws prohibiting the concealed carry of guns into places where they do not belong, such as bars and day-care centers. Additionally, it puts the burden of proof on the state to show an individual carrying a concealed firearm violated the law, protecting law-abiding gun owners from burdensome civil lawsuits.

The Justice Department announced Tuesday a review of bump stocks to determine whether weapons using them should be considered illegal machine guns under federal law. On Wednesday, the day the bill is now scheduled for debate on the House floor, the Newtown Foundation will hold a pre-planned vigil in Washington, D.C., with coordinated ones across the country to raise awareness about gun violence.

"There are federal laws that could be expanded and strengthened right now to protect families and our communities, schools and workplaces, from gun violence", Cobb told a reporter at a event in Elizabethtown on Wednesday. "This is who we are in the North Country, and I fully support the right of responsible, law-abiding people to own guns".

But she blasted Republicans for including the measure in a "horrible bill" that she said will overturn tough gun laws in states such as CT and ensure that "the lowest common denominator would reign for the entire country". It also would create incentives for states to report more records. The shooter, Devin Kelley, was a disturbed man who was court-martialed for domestic abuse in 2012, sentenced to a year in jail upon conviction, and was given a bad conduct discharge in 2014. The Air Force has discovered several dozen other such reporting omissions since the November 5 shooting.

"This bill passed today in the House would allow a criminal who bought a gun without a background check in Florida to carry that gun, concealed under his clothing, into Times Square". He called it a cynical maneuver to force Democrats to cast a politically unpopular vote against background checks.

The legislation would also mandate a study of "bump stock" rapid fire devices, used in October's mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Brandon, the ATF director, told the Senate that the ongoing federal review may find the government doesn't have authority to ban bump stocks. Sen.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California, the committee's top ranking Democrat, said the uncertainty demands that Congress quickly approve legislation "to ban these risky devices".

When the House considers the measure, it is likely to be combined with popular legislation to tighten reporting requirements and penalties to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.