Serena Williams to Get Her Own Building at Nike Headquarters in 2019


In an emotional Instagram post earlier today, Serena Williams took out time to count her blessings; from winning a grand slam, having a baby and getting married, 2017 sure has been good to her. She tweeted: "Fellow moms: How long did you breastfeed?"

The tennis champion isn't the only celebrity to speak out about breastfeeding.

As 2017 comes to a close, this latest bit of news is just another feather in her cap.

Alexis was born back in September, and Serena is anxious about when she should stop breastfeeding.

Another person encouraged the athlete to do "what feels right" and said she was still nursing her 17-month-old. "Enjoy! She is handsome!"

The new mum has been sharing updates from her first months with her little one.

Serena Williams was slapped with a $281 speeding ticket for allegedly driving 86 miles per hour on the highway. "What a year it has been", she began.

'She's got her visa, she's entered, she's practicing and she's probably just got to find a bit more space for a bigger entourage, ' he told the Herald Sun, adding that he trusts the 23 Grand Slam victor will be in fighting shape.