Superhot Mind Control Delete announced


One of this year's most interesting games has been Superhot, a skill-based first-person shooter where your actions can help rewind and fast-forward time, as you attempt to take out targets while avoiding getting wiped out yourself.

SUPERHOT Team has announced their next title, SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE, as well as a trailer and screenshots flaunting the game's unique gameplay. In our usual no-compromise approach to design, we made that roadmap way more ambitious than originally anticipated and we chose to make the expansion a fully standalone game, allowing us to rewrite and reimagine all of our major gameplay systems.

The Early Access version will be a very small chunk of the finished game, which the Superhot Team says is still at least nine months away.

According to the title's Steam page, the expansion is a "rogue-like" twist on the gameplay of the original where time only moves when the player does.

The current Early Access build features two playable characters, both of which have their own ability and gameplay modifiers, as well as new animations, AI systems, and Superhot's first foray into procedural generation.

Superhot is now available for purchase on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, though Mind Control Delete will only be up for grabs via Early Access and is planned for a 2018 release. As you unlock powerful abilities and gain access to new playable characters, so will your enemies grow stronger, smarter and more desperate to stop you. The Early Access release will initially be quite basic with no story so as not to spoil things, no advanced power-ups or enemies, no replay or point system, and no hidden menu mini-games.