Year-old kid earns $11m, makes it to forbes list


At just six-years-old, the host of Ryan ToysReview on YouTube, is a millionaire. As his 10 million followers watch "Toys Review for kids by a kid!" daily, fans will not only see Ryan review the toys, he will play with them as well. Since its March 2015 inception, the channel has garnered almost 17 billion total video views.

His videos, which range from a few minutes-long to half an hour, often feature animations putting him in the world of his toy.

Ryan, the pint-sized star of Ryan ToysReview, has just been named by Forbes as one of the world's highest-paid YouTube star of 2017.

But he has some way to go if he wants to reach Daniel Middleton (aka TheDiamondMinecart), who earned $16m (£12m) in ad revenue for his Minecraft videos.

Ryan's channel, "Ryans ToysReview", is run by his family and boasts over 10 million subscribers, reported Fox 5 Vegas Monday.

It now has close to 800 million views.

The channel's main content revolves around Ryan reviewing new toys and other products for children.

"He loves Cars, Trains, Thomas and friends, Lego, Superheroes, Disney toys, open surprise eggs, play doh, Pixar Disney cars, Disney Planes, monster trucks, minions, playtime at the fun, family fun adventure and so much more!", Ryan's parents write on the family's YouTube channel.

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To truly quantify Ryan's growing reach, previous year The Verge did a profile on the meteoric rise of "the youngest YouTube star we've ever seen".

Ryan's videos have attracted an accumulated 16 billion views so far since the channel was launched over two years ago.

Others, like 3 richest group Dude Perfect who rake in $14 million a year, simply created videos they would like to watch and kept them online as a place to share them. The channel now has 10 million subscribers.